The best Analytic Pipe Caliper tool

The ANALYTIC PIPE Caliper-Tool measures diameter reductions in pipelines such as dents and ovalities. Even diameter variations like girth-welds, change in wallthickness, T-pieces, valves and other installations are detected.

To know details about the internal geometry of your pipeline, utilize our intelligent device to give you answers.

With the Analytic Pipe Caliper-Tool we offer you the complete job of caliper survey to get a clear picture of the inside diameter of your pipeline system. Our team is a group of experienced and well trained professionals who know how to get things working.

Although we are a young company, most of us have long time experience in working with intelligent pipeline tools.​

The Caliper-Tool continuously measures the inside diameter of the pipeline through an array of sensing fingers –"spider"- that are spring loaded to hold them in contact with the pipe wall. A large number of sensing fingers provide optimum coverage of the inside circumference.

Wheels at the end of each sensing-finger are in direct contact with the pipe wall. The extremely flexible polyurethane cups enable the Caliper-Tool to be transported through the pipeline by the medium.

The Caliper-Tool is able to pass reductions of at least 25%. The spider is separate from the cup to eliminate effects from cup wear. As the Caliper-Tool moves through the pipeline, all radial sensor movements are detected and recorded.

​ID-reductions of 0.4% will be detected. Odometer wheels generate the distance data which in addition to the measuring data from the spider is continuously collected and stored together with the correlative diameter values. To locate the Caliper-Tool in the launcher, receiver or during survey, a locator unit is used. The locator unit transmits electromagnetic signals which will be detected by an external inspection tool locator. A pushing flange is used to push the Caliper-Tool into the launcher and to protect the spider against mechanical damage. The data-recorder contains all power, processing and recording circuits in a sealed module within the central body of the Caliper-Tool.

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