Pipeline mapping

Pipeline mapping is a recording of the as-is status of a pipeline. Inertia Measurement Units utilizing gyroscopes are incorporated into the tools running inside the pipeline and measure the X-, Y- and Z-coordinates.
Mapping data be used for stress calculations in the case the pipeline has moved, for instance due to a landslide.


Bend Measurement 06" to 60"
Our service includes Bend-Measurement. It will be mounted as an additional modul to the existing Caliper-Tool. This modul contains gyroscopes and accelerometers. The bend data is visualised as a diagram added to the existing AP-View data interpretation software. With another feature of this software we can do a more detailed interpretation of each bend.

Technical Information:

Sizes: 6" to 60"
Bend: ± 2°

Radius: ± 10 %​

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